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Dialog Choice Visibility
Typewriter Effect

Version: Intrigues 1.0.3


Intrigues is set to release its latest update, version 1.0.3, which includes numerous improvements and new features for the Dialog System and Dialog Node, aiming to enhance both functionality and user experience.

  • Note: Before installing version 1.0.3, please ensure to uninstall any previous version if it exists.
Key Updates
  1. Minor Bug Fixes
    • Details: Addressing and resolving various minor bugs.
    • Impact: Improved stability and performance of the tool.
  2. New Features in the Dialog System and Dialog Node:
    • Typewriter Effect
      • Description: Ability to apply a typewriter effect to any dialogue.
      • Impact: Adds a unique and engaging visual touch to dialogues.
    • Sound Class & Voice Class
      • Description: Introduces the option to add background theme sounds or voice-overs to dialogues, with synchronization possible with the typewriter effect.
      • Impact: Enhances dialogue immersion and experience.
    • Background Theme Customization
      • Description: Allows personalization of the background of dialogue windows for each dialogue.
      • Impact: Enables setting a unique theme for every conversation.
    • Dialog Choices
      • Description: Option to make unselectable choices visible in the dialogue window, a change from the previous version where they were automatically hidden.
      • Impact: Provides more flexibility in dialogue presentation.
  3. Enhanced Art Collection
    • Details: Addition of over 25 new art pieces in 4K resolution.
    • Impact: Expands the range of creative options available.
  4. New 'Search' Feature in Localization Window
    • Details: Introduction of a 'Search' feature for localization keys.
    • Impact: Streamlines the management of localizations.
Update Status
  • Released, 10 January 2024, at 15:58 UTC