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ID Property in Policy Class


The ID property in the Policy class is crucial for uniquely identifying each policy within the game's framework. This property is vital for managing and referencing different policies effectively.

Property Definition

[field: SerializeField] public string ID { get; private set; }


  • ID holds a unique identifier for a policy, ensuring each policy can be distinctly recognized.
  • Serialized fields allow Unity to store and edit this property in the editor.


  • Essential for referencing policies in scripts and game mechanics.
  • Useful for developers when creating new policies or managing existing ones.
  • Integral for lookups, comparisons, and tracking policy-related changes or events.

Example of Usage

public class PolicyManager : MonoBehaviour {
    public Policy policy;

    void Start() {
        // Retrieve a specific policy based on its ID
        policy = IM.GetPolicy("Economy");

        if (policy != null) {
            Debug.Log("Policy ID: " + policy.ID);

Here's an example demonstrating how to access a specific policy using its ID:


  • The script initializes a Policy object.
  • Start() method retrieves a policy named "Economy" from the game's policy database.
  • Prints the unique ID of the retrieved policy to the console.


  • ID is a fundamental attribute for policy management and operations within the game.
  • It's important to ensure that each policy has a unique ID for proper functionality.
  • This property should be set thoughtfully to maintain consistency and clarity in the game's policy system.