Key Handler Node

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Key Handler Node

Key Handler Node


The Key Handler Node is designed to pause the flow and listen for specific key events — KeyDown and KeyUp — for an actor within the system. It resumes the flow once the designated interaction is detected.



  • The actor expected to interact with the specified key.


  • Out: On key interaction by the connected actor, the flow continues from this port.
  • Actor Is Not Player: If the connected actor is an AI, the flow proceeds from here without waiting for key interaction.


The node remains idle until the specified key event occurs. If an AI actor is connected, it bypasses the key interaction check and directly outputs from "Actor Is Not Player".


In a scenario where a player needs to press 'Space' to advance, connect the player entity to the node. The flow will halt until 'Space' is pressed. If an AI is connected, the flow will bypass the key check, continuing from the "Actor Is Not Player" port.