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AddSpouses Method in Actor Class


The AddSpouses method in the Actor class allows for adding multiple actors as spouses to the current actor. This method is essential in games that accommodate polygamous relationships or where multiple marital bonds can play a significant role in the narrative, character development, or gameplay dynamics.


public void AddSpouses(params Actor[] spouses)


  • spouses (Actor[]): An array of Actor objects representing the spouses to be added. This parameter is variadic, allowing for the specification of one or more spouses.


  • Functionality: This method enables the current actor to establish marital relationships with multiple other actors simultaneously. It is designed to handle a variable number of spouse actors, making it versatile for different relationship scenarios within the game.
  • Purpose: The AddSpouses method is crucial for creating and managing complex marital relationships between characters, affecting aspects like social dynamics, inheritance laws, and narrative progression in games that feature diverse marital structures.


This method is used when an actor needs to add multiple spouses at once, reflecting scenarios where polygamy or multiple marital bonds are recognized or significant within the game's context.

Example of Usage:

public Actor alice;
public Actor bob;
public Actor charlie;

// Alice adds Bob and Charlie as spouses
alice.AddSpouses(bob, charlie);

In this example, Alice adds both Bob and Charlie as her spouses, demonstrating the method's capability to handle multiple spouse additions in one operation. This could be relevant in game scenarios where polygamous relationships are part of the character's culture or legal system.


  • The AddSpouses method provides flexibility for representing diverse marital relationships within the game, catering to a variety of cultural and societal norms.
  • This method is significant in games where complex family structures and marital arrangements impact the storyline, character interactions, and gameplay mechanics.
  • The ability to add multiple spouses in one method call streamlines the process of establishing these relationships and ensures compatibility with various gameplay scenarios.