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SetCulture Method in Clan Class


The SetCulture method in the Clan class is used to assign a specific culture to the clan, based on the culture's name or ID. This method plays a crucial role in defining the clan's identity, traditions, and practices within the game.

Method Definition

public void SetCulture(string cultureNameOrId)


  • Parameters:
    • cultureNameOrId: The name or ID of the culture to be set for the clan.
  • Functionality: The method updates the clan's culture to the specified one, potentially influencing various aspects of the clan's behavior and attributes in the game.


This method is significant in games where cultural aspects play a key role in shaping the behavior, alliances, and conflicts of clans. It allows for dynamic changes to the clan's culture, affecting gameplay, narrative elements, and player strategies.

Example of Usage

public class ClanCultureManager : MonoBehaviour {
    private Clan playerClan;

    void Start() {
        playerClan = IM.Player.Clan;
        if (playerClan != null) {
            Debug.Log("Culture set to Imperian for the player's clan.");


  • In this example, the SetCulture method is used to change the player's clan culture to "Imperian".
  • The change is logged to the console, indicating the successful update of the clan's culture.


  • The SetCulture method is crucial for games where cultural dynamics impact clan relationships, resource management, and conflict resolution.
  • It enhances the depth and realism of the game world by allowing for cultural diversity and evolution within clans.