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ClanName Property in Clan Class


The ClanName property in the Clan class represents the name of the clan. This property is essential for identifying and referencing clans within the game's narrative and mechanics.

Property Definition

public string ClanName { get; private set; }


  • Type: string
  • Accessibility: Publicly gettable, privately settable within the Clan class.
  • Purpose: Identifies the clan by its name.


  • The ClanName property holds the name of the clan, such as "Arcanum."
  • It is used for displaying the clan name in the game's user interface, referencing the clan in game logic, and integrating the clan into the narrative.


This property is commonly used in game systems involving clan interactions, such as clan-based quests, diplomatic relations, or resource management. It's particularly relevant in games where clan identities and allegiances play a significant role.


  • The ClanName is a key element in establishing the identity and lore of a clan within the game world.
  • It is often used in conjunction with other clan properties to provide a comprehensive representation of a clan's characteristics and status.