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FemaleNames Property in Culture Class


The FemaleNames property in the Culture class retrieves a collection of female names commonly used within a specific culture in the game. This is a key feature for character naming and cultural representation.

Property Definition

public IEnumerable<string> FemaleNames => femaleNames;


  • FemaleNames offers access to an enumerable list of female names that are typical in the specified culture.
  • This property is integral for reflecting cultural diversity in female character names.


  • Useful for generating culturally appropriate female character names.
  • Can be applied in character creation interfaces, narrative scripting, or anywhere culturally specific female names are needed.
  • Helps in maintaining cultural authenticity and diversity in game narratives.

Example of Usage

public class FemaleCharacterNamePicker : MonoBehaviour {
    void Start() {
        // Access the player's current culture
        Culture playerCulture = IM.Player.Culture;

        // Check if the culture is available
        if (playerCulture != null) {
            // Go through the list of female names in the culture
            foreach (var name in playerCulture.FemaleNames) {
                Debug.Log("Female Name: " + name);

Here's an example of using the FemaleNames property:


  • Retrieves the player's current culture using IM.Player.Culture.
  • Iterates through and logs each female name in the culture's FemaleNames list.


  • This property enriches the game's cultural dimensions by offering diverse female names.
  • Ensure cultural sensitivity and relevance when updating or using these names.
  • Regularly refreshing the name list can keep the game's cultural elements dynamic and engaging.