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Description Property in Scheme Class


The Description property in the Scheme class provides a narrative description of the scheme, offering details about its purpose and implications, such as "Plan to eliminate the target. If it happens, {t*Name} will be eliminated."

Property Definition

[field: SerializeField]
public string Description { get; private set; }


  • Type: string
  • Accessibility: Publicly readable but can only be set within the Scheme class.


  • The Description property provides a detailed explanation of what the scheme entails, enhancing player understanding and immersion.
  • It can be used in user interfaces to convey to players the nature and consequences of engaging with a particular scheme.


This property is primarily used in game UIs to display a description for a scheme, helping players make informed decisions based on the scheme's details.

Example of Usage

public class ActiveSchemeManager : MonoBehaviour {
    void Start() {
        // Iterate through all active schemes of the player and log their descriptions
        foreach (Scheme scheme in IM.Player.Schemes) {
            Debug.Log($"Scheme description: {scheme.Description}");


  • The Start method in the ActiveSchemeManager class demonstrates how to access and log the description of each active scheme associated with the player.


  • The Description property is vital in games where strategy and choice are key elements, as it provides players with essential information about their options.
  • Accurate and engaging descriptions can significantly enhance player engagement and strategic planning in the game.