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Gender Property in Actor Class


The Gender property in the Actor class is used to specify the gender of an actor. This property is integral to defining the actor's identity and can play a significant role in the game's dynamics, narrative, and character interactions.


public IGender Gender { get; protected set; }


  • Property Type: IGender. The Gender property is of the enum type IGender, which represents the gender of an actor.
  • Accessibility: Publicly readable but can only be modified within the Actor class or its subclasses, as indicated by the protected set modifier. This ensures that the actor's gender is assigned in a controlled manner and not altered arbitrarily.
  • Enum Definition:
/// <summary>
/// Specifies the gender of an actor.
/// </summary>
public enum IGender {
    /// <summary>
    /// Indicates a male actor.
    /// </summary>
    Male = 0,

    /// <summary>
    /// Indicates a female actor.
    /// </summary>
    Female = 1
  • Male: Indicates a male actor.
  • Female: Indicates a female actor.


The Gender property is essential for depicting the actor's gender, which can influence various aspects of the game such as character design, storyline development, dialogue options, and interaction with other characters.


This property is used to access the gender of an actor, which can be a determining factor in gameplay logic, such as gender-specific roles, actions, or narrative branches.


if (someActor.Gender == IGender.Female) {
    // Execute logic specific to female actors

In this example, the game logic is tailored based on the actor being identified as female.


  • The use of an enumeration for gender ensures clarity and consistency in how gender is represented and managed within the game.
  • The protected set access level helps maintain the integrity of the actor's gender, ensuring it is set and modified in a meaningful and deliberate way.
  • The Gender property is crucial in games where the character's gender affects their experiences, opportunities, and interactions within the game world.