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IM Class - GetPolicy Method


The GetPolicy method in the IM class is used to retrieve a specific policy by its name or ID within the game's context.


public static Policy GetPolicy(string policyNameOrId)


This method searches for a policy within the game's active list of policies using its name or ID. If it finds a match, it returns the corresponding Policy object.

Example of Usage

public class PolicyManager : MonoBehaviour {
    void CheckPolicyStatus() {
        // Retrieve a policy by name or ID
        var policy = IM.GetPolicy("Economy");

        // Check if the policy exists and display information
        if (policy != null) {
            Debug.Log($"Policy Name: {policy.PolicyName}");
            Debug.Log($"Policy Description: {policy.Description}");
        } else {
            Debug.Log("Policy not found.");


  • This method is critical for accessing and managing policy-related features in the game, such as checking if certain policies are implemented or displaying policy details.
  • Correct identification of the policy relies on the provided name or ID matching exactly with those listed in the game's policy database.