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IsSisterInLaw Method in Actor Class


The IsSisterInLaw method in the Actor class is used to determine whether the actor is a sister-in-law of another specified actor. This method is important in games where familial relationships, particularly those with in-laws, play a significant role in the narrative, gameplay mechanics, or character interactions.


public bool IsSisterInLaw(Actor actor) =>
    Siblings().SelectMany(s => s._spouses).Any(s => s == actor && s.Gender == IGender.Female);


  • actor (Actor): The actor to be checked against for a potential sister-in-law relationship.


  • Return Type: bool. Returns true if the actor is a sister-in-law of the specified actor; otherwise, it returns false.


  • Functionality: This method checks if the specified actor is a female spouse (Gender == IGender.Female) of any of the siblings of the current actor, thereby determining if the actor is a sister-in-law.
  • Purpose: The IsSisterInLaw method is essential for identifying sister-in-law relationships, which can be key in games that feature intricate familial structures, including inheritance issues, alliances, and generational storylines.


This method is utilized to confirm if an actor is the sister-in-law of another actor. Such information is vital in game scenarios that rely on extended family relationships for story development, character interactions, and gameplay decisions.


public Actor actor1; // some actor
public Actor potentialSisterInLaw; // another actor

if (actor1.IsSisterInLaw(potentialSisterInLaw)) {
    // Execute logic specific to the sister-in-law relationship

In this example, the method is used to determine if potentialSisterInLaw is the sister-in-law of actor1. If a sister-in-law relationship is confirmed, specific gameplay logic or narrative elements related to this relationship may be executed.


  • The use of Siblings().SelectMany(s => s._spouses).Any(s => s == actor && s.Gender == IGender.Female) provides a comprehensive and efficient means to verify a sister-in-law relationship.
  • The IsSisterInLaw method is significant in games where familial bonds and extended family dynamics play a crucial role in the characters' actions and the game's storyline.
  • Accurate identification of such relationships enhances the game's depth and realism, contributing to a more immersive and engaging player experience.