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Trigger Node

OnTrigger Event in Actor Class


The OnTrigger event in the Actor class is designed to respond to specific triggers activated for the actor, particularly those initiated by a TriggerNode. This event plays a pivotal role in games where triggers influence character actions, gameplay mechanics, or narrative progression.


  • Event Type: Action<string, bool>
  • Functionality: This event is fired when a specific trigger, often set up via a TriggerNode, is activated for the actor. It receives a string identifier for the trigger and a boolean value representing the trigger's state. This design facilitates responsive actions to various triggered conditions.


The event is ideal for executing actions or logic in the game in response to trigger activations. This could include changing the actor’s behavior, initiating gameplay sequences, or advancing the storyline based on the nature of the trigger.

Subscribing to the Event

To effectively handle trigger events, subscribe a method with the signature Action<string, bool> to the OnTrigger event within a MonoBehaviour script. Unsubscribing from the event when it's no longer needed is crucial to maintain optimal game performance.

Example of Usage

public class TriggerResponseHandler : MonoBehaviour {
    public Actor actor;

    void Start() {
        if (actor != null) {
            actor.OnTrigger += OnSpecificTriggerActivated;

    private void OnSpecificTriggerActivated(string triggerName, bool triggerState) {
        Debug.Log($"Trigger '{triggerName}' activated for {actor.FullName} with state: {triggerState}");
        // Custom logic to handle the activation of the trigger

    void OnDestroy() {
        if (actor != null) {
            actor.OnTrigger -= OnSpecificTriggerActivated;

In this script, TriggerResponseHandler is attached to a GameObject and subscribes to the OnTrigger event of an Actor. When a trigger is activated, possibly by a TriggerNode, the OnSpecificTriggerActivated method is called, allowing for appropriate responses to the trigger event.


  • The OnTrigger event is essential in creating dynamic and interactive gameplay experiences, allowing for conditional responses to specific game events.
  • Proper management of this event enhances the game’s interactivity and responsiveness, especially in scenarios where triggers dictate significant changes or actions.
  • This event is particularly significant in games with complex mechanics or narrative-driven structures, where triggers set by TriggerNodes play a crucial role in driving gameplay and story elements.