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Origin Property in Actor Class


The Origin property in the Actor class is used to identify the original family of the actor. This property plays a key role in defining the actor's familial roots and background within the game.


public Family Origin => _origin;


  • Property Type: Family. The Origin property is of the type Family, which is expected to be a custom class encapsulating the details and attributes of a family in the game.
  • Purpose: The Origin property is crucial for establishing the actor's initial or birth family, which can have implications for their identity, storylines, and interactions in the game. It is particularly relevant in games where lineage, heritage, or family legacies play a significant role in the narrative and gameplay.


This property is utilized to access the actor's original family, providing a means to understand and interact with the character's background, especially in contexts related to family lineage and history.


Family actorFamily = someActor.Origin;
if (actorFamily.FamilyName == "Arcanum") {
    // Execute specific logic for actors from the "Arcanum" family

In this example, the actor's origin family is checked for a specific family name, "Arcanum." If the actor belongs to the "Arcanum" family, corresponding game logic is executed.


  • The Origin property ensures that the actor's initial family background is preserved and can be referenced throughout the game, which is vital for maintaining narrative consistency.
  • This property is essential in games where the character's original family background influences their storyline, decisions, and relationships within the game world.