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Policies Property in Clan Class


The Policies property in the Clan class represents the set of policies or doctrines adopted by the clan. These policies define the clan's operational and social guidelines within the game's world.

Property Definition

public IEnumerable<Policy> Policies => policies;


  • Type: IEnumerable<Policy>
  • Accessibility: Publicly gettable.
  • Purpose: Lists the policies or doctrines adopted by the clan.


  • The Policies property holds a collection of Policy objects, each representing a specific policy or doctrine that the clan adheres to.
  • It influences various aspects of the clan, such as governance, interaction with other clans or entities, internal management, and decision-making processes.


This property is commonly used in game mechanics involving clan governance, diplomatic relations, resource allocation, and other strategic aspects. It allows players to understand and interact with the clan's operational guidelines.


  • The Policies property is essential for defining the clan's characteristics and behavior, contributing to the depth and complexity of clan dynamics in the game.
  • It provides a framework for the clan's actions and decisions, affecting both internal and external relationships and strategies.