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Description Property in Policy Class


The Description property in the Policy class is essential for providing detailed information about each policy within the game. It enriches player understanding by elaborating on what each policy entails and its implications in the game world.

Property Definition

[field: SerializeField] public string Description { get; private set; }


  • Description contains a detailed explanation or information about the policy.


  • Crucial for conveying the purpose and effects of a policy to players.
  • Utilized in UI elements like tooltips or information panels to inform players about the specifics of each policy.
  • Helps in scripting and game mechanics by providing context to developers when implementing policy-related logic.

Example of Usage

Here's a usage example in a script:

public class PolicyInfoDisplay : MonoBehaviour {
    public Policy policy;

    void Start() {
        // Retrieve a specific policy by its name
        policy = IM.GetPolicy("Economy");

        if (policy != null) {
            Debug.Log("Policy Description: " + policy.Description);


  • The script starts by declaring a Policy object.
  • The Start() method fetches a specific policy, "Economy", in this case.
  • It then logs the detailed description of the retrieved policy.


  • The Description property is key to enhancing player immersion and understanding of the game's policies.
  • It should be written clearly and concisely to effectively communicate the policy's role and impact.
  • Regular updates and reviews of policy descriptions are recommended to ensure accuracy and relevance to the game's evolving dynamics.