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Role Class - SetDescription Method


The SetDescription method in the Role class is used to update the description of a specific role.


public void SetDescription(string description)


This method modifies the description of a role. The description parameter is a string that defines the new description for the role.


Use this method to change the description of a role dynamically during the game. It's useful for providing more detailed or context-specific information about a role.

Example of Usage

public class RoleManager : MonoBehaviour {
    void UpdateRoleDescription() {
        // Retrieve a specific role, e.g., "Leader"
        var role = IM.GetRole("Leader");

        // Update the description of the role
        role.SetDescription("A leader with ultimate authority");


  • Updating a role's description can help players better understand the role's significance and responsibilities within the game.
  • It's important to keep descriptions clear and concise for better player comprehension.