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Role Class - TitleForMale Property


The TitleForMale property in the Role class specifies the title assigned to male actors for a given role.


[field: SerializeField] public string TitleForMale { get; private set; }


This property is used to define gender-specific titles for roles. It is particularly relevant in settings where titles vary based on the gender of the character holding the role.


TitleForMale is essential for games with gender-specific role naming, ensuring accurate and contextually appropriate title assignment.

Example of Usage

public class RoleDisplay : MonoBehaviour {
    void Start() {
        // Retrieve a specific role, for instance, "Leader"
        var leaderRole = IM.GetRole("Leader");

        if (leaderRole != null) {
            // Output the male-specific title for the "Leader" role
            Debug.Log($"Title for Male Leader: {leaderRole.TitleForMale}");


  • This property enhances realism and immersion in games by providing gender-appropriate role titles.
  • It's important for narratives and user interfaces where the distinction between male and female titles is significant.