Sound Class Node

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Sound Class Node

Sound Class Node


The Sound Class Node plays audio while the connected Dialogue Node is active. It is responsible for handling sound playback settings when a dialogue is being shown on the screen.

Output Ports

  • [Class]: Connects to the associated Dialogue Nodes. (This port does not affect the flow.)


  • Volume: Controls the loudness level of the playback sound.
  • Pitch: Adjusts the pitch of the playback sound.
  • Priority: Sets the priority of the sound being played back, corresponding to the AudioSource object in Unity.
  • Fade Out: Duration of the fade-out effect applied when the audio clip finishes playing.
  • Output: Specifies the AudioMixerGroup that the playback sound is routed through.
  • Loop: If enabled, the audio clip will loop continuously while the Dialogue Node is active.
  • Stop When Closed: If enabled, audio playback will stop when the Dialogue Node is closed. (If looping is active, the audio will automatically stop without needing to enable this option.)